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Fees Structure
  • CBSE National
  • CBSE International
  • Transport Fee

Admission Fees:

Classes Admission Fees
KG Classes 200/-
Classes I to III 200/-
Classes IV to VIII 250/-
Classes IX and X 350/-
Classes XI and XII 400/-

Tuition Fees:

K.G. Classes : QRs. 230.00 Per Month
Classes I To III : QRs. 265.00 Per Month
Classes IV TO VIII : QRs. 280.00 Per Month
Classes IX & X : QRs. 345.00 Per Month
Classes XI & XII : QRs. 485.00 Per Month, QRs. 515/- for who opt Home Science
e-Learning Fee: QRs. 50/- per month for classes KG I to XII.

Special Fees:

Special Fee will be collected once in a year along with the fee for the first month at the following rates.

K.G. Classes : QRs. 130.00 Once in a year
Classes I TO III : QRs. 160.00 Once in a year
Classes IV TO VIII : QRs. 200.00 Once in a year
Classes IX & X : QRs. 230.00 Once in a year
Classes XI & XII : QR. 265.00 Once in a year

Note: Payment of fees for those admitted during the middle of the academic year.

K.G.I to class I : from the month in which admitted.

Class II to X: from the month in which the student last attended the previous school as indicated in the countersigned Transfer Certificate issued by that school.

XI & XII from the month in which the student last attended the previous school as indicated in the countersign Transfer Certificate issued by that school and Migration certificate issued.

Provisional admission to XI and XII - Fee is to be paid from April. Excess amount paid, if any will be refunded/adjusted at the time of producing countersigned Transfer Certificate and all other documents

Documentation Fee: Qrs. 100/- per document.

Late Fee:
Tuition fees may be paid on any working day before the 15th of every month without late fee and thereafter with a late fee of QRs. 10/- per month. If holiday falls on 15th, fees can be remitted on the next working day without late fee. Parents who wish to pay fees for the whole academic year or for a term or two in one full sum may do so. Such lump sum remittance of fees will be exempted from late fee if paid within the first two months of a term. The names of students who do not pay tuition fee two months succession will be removed from the roll without notice and they will not be permitted to attend classes until all dues are paid.

A re-admission fee of QRs.25/- will be levied with late fee and other dues to the date if the students seek re-admission.

Children in lower classes should not be entrusted with payment of fees. Types of payments should be made by the parents and the receipts should be obtained immediately. School will not be responsible for the loss of money.

Fee structure for CBSE – International:

Classes Monthly Tution Fee Admission Fee Special Fee Caution Deposit
I 800 500 500 1000
II 850 500 500 1000
III 900 500 500 1000
IV 950 500 500 1000
V 1000 500 500 1000
VI 1050 750 750 1000
VII 1100 750 750 1000
VIII 1150 750 750 1000
IX 1200 750 750 1000
X 1300 750 750 1000
XI 1400 1000 1000 1000
XII 1500 1000 1000 1000

There will be no admission fee for MES students switching over from CBSE National to CBSE-i (International).

Caution Deposit for CBSE-i will be Qrs. 1000/-. An additional Qrs. 500/- will be collected towards Caution Deposit from MES students switching over from CBSE National to CBSE-i (International).

Transportation fee will remain the same as mentioned in the fee structure for CBSE National.


Transport Fees:

Doha Area (City Limits, West Bay, Maither, Wajba, Old & New Rayyan, Al Garaffa, TV R/A, Induatrial Area, Madeena Khalifa, Markhiyat, Landmark, Dafna, Duhail, Kartiyat, Laqta, Ain Khalid, Murrah, Saifa Khalifa & Al Sailia Barwa) : QRs. 225.00 Per Month

Outside Doha Area : QRs. 260.00 Per Month (Ras Abu Fontas, Wakrah, Mesaieed)

Al Khor : QRs. 315.00 Per Month (Subject to enrolment of a minimum of 20 students)

Transport fee will be collected only for nine months a year (April to June, September to November and January to March). This fee may be paid in advance term-wise or for a whole academic year. Transport fee once paid will not be adjusted or refunded. Transport can be provided only in the areas specified above. All parents are required to produce Transport identity card at the time of payment of transport fees for affixing the seal.

Transport fee should be paid in advance for the term as follows:

1st Term - April, May and June: to be paid on or before 31st March.
2nd Term - September, October and November: to be paid on or before 31st August.
3rd Term - January, February, March: to be paid on or before 3rd December.