• M.E.S.I.S Abu Hamour Br, aims to equip every student with advanced ICT skills and the computer labs are a testimony to the vision of the school.
  • M.E.S.I.S Abu Hamour Br, boasts of highly advanced infrastructure with a total of 2 Computer Labs on the campus that can accommodate over 60 students.
  • The labs are equipped with Windows Operating system, with the latest software installed to help students to brush up their ICT and programming skills. The computers are installed with Python and MySQL software that allows students to practice their programming effectively.
  • Apart from Programming, students also get to enhance their other ICT skills with the help of the Mircosoft and Libre Office Suite. Animation software such as Pencil and HTML editors are other highlights of the lab.
  • The labs, like every other classroom in M.E.S.I.S Abu Hamour Br, are equipped with the cutting edge smart boards for interactive learning.