For all classes from KG -I to XII with projectors, smart boards, Wi-Fi connectivity, computers etc.

e-Learning education system

MES is the first Indian expatriate school in Qatar to launch e-learning project. The e-learning system is facilitated by interactive class rooms supported with interactive white boards, projectors, computers and IC

e-Learning offers user-friendly solutions for educational requirements by providing learning stimulus beyond the conventional learning methodology of textbooks, manual demonstrations or classroom-based instructions. Instead of limiting the students to attending class room lectures or reading printed texts, the students will acquire knowledge and skills through computer graphical videos, audios or animations, interactive sessions and games.

Need for e learning :

The concept of education has undergone a phenomenal change calling for an integration of technological learning to the existing educational structure since the latest technological advancements are getting imbibed into

  • Every stage of the child’s life development.
  • The professional working environment of the future.

Role of e-learning education in student development

  • Enhanced knowledge and skill acquired through conducive visual learning benefits students much more than conventional learning methods of reading printed text book or listening to classroom-based instructions
  • Enables better understanding of concepts and fundamental challenges of future with universal knowledge gained beyond text books.
  • Supports natural learning with knowledge constructions to develop intelligence (combination of spatial intelligence, linguistic intelligence and problem solving skills)
  • Student-Centric presentation exercises and interactive sessions enhance better communication and presentation skills in students to bridge the gap between teaching and learning.

Hybrid learning with optimal mix of educational contents and technology makes learning method less tedious and time consuming resulting in a stress free learning process and create a lasting impact on student memories.