As a part of the golden jubilee celebration and to provide a platform to exhibit artistic talents, and to foster creativity and artistic expression among young minds, M.E.S Indian School hosted Golden Canvas-24, an inter-school painting competition for the students of Classes 1 – 12 at the school campus on 4th May 2024,

A total of 92 students from 17 Indian schools participated in the competition, demonstrating widespread interest and enthusiasm for the event. The participants were divided into categories, with 34 students competing in the junior category, 32 in the intermediate, and 26 in the senior category.

MES School, Fine Arts Department meticulously organised the competition, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for all participants. Topics were assigned on the spot to the participants of intermediate and senior categories, lending an element of excitement and spontaneity to the competition.

The competition provided students with a golden opportunity to unleash their creativity and artistic flair. In addition to showcasing their skills, participants enjoyed a delightful experience enhanced by thoughtful giveaways

Each participant received a fair evaluation and feedback from the competent judges. As a token of appreciation for their invaluable contribution to the event, the jury comprised of eminent personalities was honoured with mementos and certificates. In all, the Golden Canvas-24 competition was a resounding success, exemplifying the talent and passion of students. Mrs. Varsha Synesh, Mr. Sudhir.S, Mrs. Renitha R.R, Mr. Suresh L.H and Mrs. Kanchan.B members of the faculty from the Department of Fine Arts coordinated the event.