With an objective to update the parents of Class 12 students about the recent changes effected by The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in align with the National Education Policy, 2020 concerning the format of Board Examinations, MES Indian School conducted a briefing session on Thursday 18th April 2024. Providing insights into the Curriculum assessment methods in the open forum, the school Principal, Dr. Hameeda Kadar, said that there has been a substantial increase of 40 to 50 per cent in the competency-based questions, such as MCQs and case-based questions enabling the students to think out of the box and applying real-life situation in their responses. The initiatives of the Board in accordance with the National Education Policy, 2020 aim to shift towards Competency Based Education by emphasizing creativity, critical thinking, and system-based learning, thus preparing students for 21st-century challenges by moving away from rote memorization, she added.

She spoke about the changes that may bring in the pattern as well as the month in which the examinations will be conducted and the focus on setting academic goals and the extra hours that have to be put in by both the teachers as well as students for excelling in the Boards. Students of M.E.S will be attempting skilled subjects this year for the first time ever. She assured the parents that the students’ well-being was the school’s prime concern and the students could easily voice their concerns to the Student Counsellors. The meeting also sought to establish a collaborative partnership between the parents and the school to ensure an amazing performance by the students who will appear for the Boards.

On this occasion few valuable study tips were shared by Dr. Shaji Kumar and Mrs. Zeenath Jalal, Department Heads of Physics and Commerce respectively. Mrs. Magdeline Sylvia, a faculty from the Department of English compared the event