On World Environment Day, M.E.S. Indian School celebrated a significant milestone in its journey towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. During a special event organized by the school’s Campus Care Force, the Green Guardians, M.E.S. Indian School was honoured with the prestigious B.K. Mohammed Kunhi Memorial Green Award 2024 by the Kainat Foundation, an NGO affiliated with the Indian Cultural Centre. The Green Award, presented by the Chief Guest Mr. Shakil Ahmed Kakvi, the founder and chairman of Kainat Foundation, recognizes outstanding achievements in sustainability and environmental conservation. This accolade is a testament to the collective efforts of the entire M.E.S. community and serves as a reminder of the ongoing journey towards a more sustainable future.

The school Principal, Dr. Hameeda Kader expressed immense pride in the Green Guardians’ commitment to environmental stewardship. She highlighted that the award reflects the collective and dedicated efforts of the school community towards making a positive impact on the environment. She also emphasized that planting saplings symbolizes the school’s contribution to a greener campus and a sustainable future.

Receiving this prestigious Green Award is very special and a significant achievement as the school is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. The Green Award is not just a symbol of past accomplishments but a clarion call to action for continued efforts towards environmental conservation.

The event featured a tree plantation ceremony, where students, teachers, and staff came together to plant trees on the school campus. This hands-on activity underscored the importance of environmental conservation and demonstrated the community’s collective effort to make a positive impact on the planet. A highlight of the event was a PowerPoint presentation created to showcase the achievements of the Campus Care Force. The presentation highlighted various initiatives, including recycling programs, energy conservation efforts, and educational workshops on environmental issues. These achievements underscored the dedication and hard work of the entire school community.

The Green Guardians have been at the forefront of promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices within the school community. Their dedication and hard work have transformed the campus into a green haven thus inspiring students, teachers, and staff alike to think critically about their environmental impact and to act responsibly. Teachers were present on the occasion in green attire as a mark of solidarity, symbolizing their commitment to the cause. Teachers were also presented with a sapling, reinforcing the message of growth and sustainability. The members of the School Governing Board were presented with a flowering plant, symbolizing growth, sustainability, and the blossoming of shared dreams for a healthier planet. This gesture reinforced the school’s commitment to nurturing the environment and fostering a culture of sustainability.

All the school officials were in attendance for the World Environment Day celebration, adding to the significance and success of the event.

The teachers in-charge of the programme were Mr.Jency George, Mrs. Gowri Sree Rama Lakhmi Pushyami, Mrs.Delphy S., Mrs. Pradnya Pande, Mrs.Bitty, Mrs.Muhsina Parveen, Mrs. Rema Devi, Mrs.Namitha Pradeep, Mrs.Limy Mol Mohammed Niyas, Mr. Sreejith K. and Mr.Rajesh K.S.