M.E.S Indian School radiated warmth and appreciation on the occasion of Mother’s Day with a series of events on 14 May 2024. Students at M.E.S Indian School showcased their boundless affection for their mothers through brightly and meticulously crafted exquisite heart-shaped greeting cards, each imbued with profound love and gratitude.

The highlight of the celebration was the school a special assembly was conducted, where students eloquently delivered speeches extolling the incomparable role of mothers in their lives. Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, the Senior Vice Principal of the school delivered an inspiring address, highlighting the paramount importance of acknowledging the tireless efforts of mothers. As the day unfolded, a myriad of engaging competitions captivated hearts and minds alike, drawing forth the creativity and passion of every student. The faculty members, united in solidarity, adorned a common dress code symbolizing unity in honoring the exceptional contributions of mothers.

The teachers in-charge of the event were Mrs Namitha Pradeep and Mrs Thesriya (Event Managers), Mrs Shaheena Nowshad, Mr. Jency George, Mr. Rajesh K.S. and Mr. Sreejith N