As a part of its 50th year celebrations and with an objective to fostering a deeper appreciation for our cultural heritage among students, MES Indian School observed ‘World Heritage Day’ on 18th April 2024.

A special assembly was organised in all the sections of the school where students were told about the true meaning of heritage, its importance and the need for its preservation. A formal programme was held at the school’s Conference Hall, where a documentary video presentation on World Heritage Day was showcased. The visual journey accentuated the importance of preserving these sites for posterity. The students also exhibited a colourful costume presentation on the theme, ‘Discover and Experience Diversity’ depicting the culture and tradition of various communities, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of various heritage practices from around the world and fostering a spirit of inclusivity and appreciation for cultural differences.

Addressing the gathering Dr. Hameeda Kadar, Principal remarked, ‘Through education, and responsible stewardship, we can ensure that these priceless legacies of the world will continue to inspire and enrich lives for centuries to come’. A quiz on World Heritage Day was conducted by Mr. Randeer K, teacher, the Department of Social Science enabling and enriching students’ understanding of heritage conservation. Master Aryan Unnikrishnan, Head Prefect, spoke on the essentiality of safeguarding the shared heritage for the benefit of the present and future generations. Master Ahmad Faisal, Head Boy welcomed the gathering while Miss Lulwa, a student of Class XI proposed a vote of thanks on the occasion. Miss Tooba, a student of Class XI set the tone for the event through her introductory speech. Mr. Jahfar Niyas Para, Coordinator, Department of Social Science along with a team of teachers including the members of the school cultural committee coordinated the event.