To promote environmental awareness and sensitize students about the need for the protection of our planet, MES Indian School commemorated ‘Earth Day’ on 22nd April 2024.

The members of Campus Care Force conduct special assemblies in all sections of the school, and students spoke at length on the importance of preserving the earth, thus vouching for their commitment to environmental stewardship and the earth`s ecosystems. Colourful placards adorned the school premises carrying futuristic messages of sustainability and conservation. Teachers led by example by donning Earth Day-themed attire, underscoring the school`s unity in its dedication to the planet`s well-being.

Addressing in the assembly, the school Principal, Dr Hameeda Kadar urged the students who are the torch bearers of future society to adhere to eco-friendly practices to safeguard ‘mother earth’ which is bountiful for everyone’s needs and life sustenance. Following the school assembly students and faculty participated in a spirited rally on the school grounds reaffirming their commitment to sustainable practices and raising eco-conscious in the community. Poster Designing activity on the theme ‘Save Earth’ engaged students from Classes 5 to 8, showcasing a colourful and innovative display of artwork. Saplings were planted by the students in the presence of the principal serving as a reminder to preserve our planet’s ecosystem and foster a more sustainable future for generations to come. Teachers in charge of Campus Care Force, Scouts & Guides along with a team of teachers coordinated the event.