M.E.S. Indian School observed World Autism Day recently. As a part of the activity blue ribbons, the primary colour designated for autism and associated with calmness and acceptance, were distributed by the Psychology students of Grade 12. This gesture was aimed to raise awareness about autism and show support for individuals on the autism spectrum within the school community. It was a commendable effort to promote understanding and inclusion.

Students took the initiative to raise awareness about important issues like autism. An awareness session organized by Grade 12 Psychology students demonstrates their commitment to understanding and supporting individuals with autism. A talk show which aimed to support and understand autism in children by the senior students of the school through the PA system proved to be a positive step towards creating a more inclusive and empathetic school environment. Mrs Harleen Kaur, Mrs Irene Thomas and Mrs Fashna Abdul Samad from the Department of Guidance and Counselling of the school coordinated the event.