M.E.S took part in the educational programme organised by Expo Doha 2023 for Horticulture by joining the flower planting event where students enthusiastically shaped the flower beds to resemble the outline of Qatar in the International Zone of Al Bidda Park on 10th March 2024.

About 3,200 students from 80 different schools were present to plant 80,000 flowers. The event aimed to promote environmental awareness and foster a sense of pride in the country’s natural beauty among the younger generation. Under the guidance of the organising committee’s volunteers, students enthusiastically planted flowers in designated areas following the contours of Qatar’s map. This creative endeavour beautifies the landscape and symbolizes the importance of preserving Qatar’s environment for future generations. The collaborative effort between the officials and students demonstrated a commitment to environment stewardship and community engagement and inspired others to take part in protecting our planet.

The Expo School hosted environmental workshops that inspired young minds and encouraged the new generation to adopt sustainable practices. The teachers in charge of the event were Mr. Jency George (In-charge, Campus Care Force), Mrs Shailaja Nishad, Mr. Rajesh K.S (In-charge, Scouts), Mrs. Mary Jainsha and Mrs. Kavitha Rajan. Overall, the event – flower planting fulfilled the desired motto of a better environment, and a better tomorrow.