As a part of the 50th year jubilee of M.E.S Indian School, a health education and awareness programme was conducted by the UNIQ (United Nurses of India –Qatar) at the Conference Hall of the school on 20th April 2024, bringing together about 300 educators to promote heart health awareness and education through a series of enlightening sessions carried out with the help of PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations.

Dr. Hameeda Kader, the school Principal in her introductory remarks emphasized the importance of maintaining heart health and lauded the efforts to foster a culture of health awareness and proactive well-being within the school community. This sets the tone for the first session, presented by Mrs. Saleena Koolath, an educator from UNIQ, who explained in detail the fundamentals of Basic Life Support and equipped attendees through demonstrations, the essential knowledge and skills to respond effectively to emergencies of various kinds.

In continuation of the session, Mr. Sulaiman Mohammed, UNIQ educator, shed light on the intricate relationship between nutrition, lifestyle choices, and heart health, emphasizing the significance of adopting healthy habits and lifestyle modifications for a robust cardiovascular system. Mr. Jiss Thomas in his engaging presentation on stress management, provided practical strategies for mitigating stressors and enhancing mental resilience, recognizing the pivotal role of emotional well-being in maintaining heart health. The other resource persons were Ms. Bindu Linson (Secretary UNIQ), Mr. Joji Mathew (Educator UNIQ), Mr. Irshad Ali Challappurath (Educator UNIQ),

Ms. Sneha Thomas (UNIQ Media Committee), Mr. Ameer Kusru (Advisory Board Member), Mrs.Elizabeth Antony (Educator UNIQ) and Mrs. Shemi Aziz (Educator UNIQ).

The program concluded with a Question-Answer session, where the attendees clarified their doubts on health-related issues. The interactive session fostered a deeper understanding of the topics covered and empowered participants to take proactive steps towards a healthy living. School officials and teachers attended the session. Mrs. Magdeline Sylvia, and Mrs. Fiona Mary, members of the Department of English compared the programme. Mr. Shiju Sebastian, Mrs. Gincy Wilson and Mrs. Praseela K.A from the Welfare Department of the school coordinated the event.