With the objective of providing a meaningful learning experience and kindling curiosity and appreciation for the vibrant world around students, the KG Section of M.E.S Indian School embarked on the ‘Red Day’ celebrations on 30th April 2024. Splashes and hues of red festooned the corridors of the Kindergarten Section enlivening an ambience of mirth and excitement.

Red, which is often linked with energy, vitality, and passion, became the focal point as our young ones wore their brightest red outfits. Gathered at the KG Hall, children sang and danced to their joy. A captivating magic show featuring the transformation of water into a vibrant red hue mesmerized the children which also effectively illustrated the significance of red day.

Principal Dr. Hameeda Kadar spoke on the occasion about the significance of the Red Day. During the event, Mr Shihabudeen Pulath, who had recently assumed office as the Senior Vice-Principal of the school clarified the implication of the colour Red.

As a continuation of the activity for the day teachers had extended the learning into the classroom, seamlessly integrating the theme across various subjects. From identifying red objects to exploring the significance of the colour red in nature and culture, every lesson was infused with a splash of red. Children were engaged in artistic expression wherein they crafted handprint impressions in their drawing books in red.

Further, students also contributed to the toy exhibition conducted as a part of Red Day by bringing their favourite red objects and toys in red to school. Each child was presented with a thoughtfully curated takeaway token as a keepsake of the celebration.