The Golden Jubilee Year Kids Festival, Regalia 2024 was marked with a significant milestone for M.E.S Indian School, celebrating fifty years of excellence in education and extracurricular activities. The festival was held recently at the school campus, bringing together students to exhibit an array of talents, showcasing their creativity and skills.

The event was inaugurated by esteemed members of the M.E.S Governing Board, Mr. Faisal Mayan and Mr. A.T Usman. The school Principal, Dr. Hameeda Kadar addressed the gathering with encouragement and motivation to the young talents. Dignitaries as well as school officials from various sections joined the celebration to encourage the young and blooming buds. The programme unfolded with competitions tailored for the respective grades within the KG Section. The dance floor came live with the “Dance to the Beat” competition, which featured the energetic performances of the vibrant stars of KG. Off-stage competitions such as “Colouring Creation: “Let your Imagination Shine”, “Tiny Tales: Mini Poems” for KG 1 and “Enchanter Escapades” and “Art Avengers” for KG 2 were held in the KG Section.

The best performers were awarded, acknowledging their dedication, talent, and contribution to the success of Regalia. The Kids Festival, Regalia 2024 served as a testament to the creativity, dedication, and vibrancy of the young talents within the KG Section.